Your Guide To The Arts In Atlanta

On January 14, photographer and Magnum legend Elliott Erwitt came to Jackson Fine Art for the signing of his latest publication, Regarding Women.

The gallery is exhibiting 19 out of the 369 images in an eponymous exhibit, closing January 23. We took the opportunity of his visit to interview him about his work, his life and photography.

The book is a massive collection of black-and-white photographs portraying the feminine gender in all its complexity. When we inquired why he chose to do a book on women, he responded, “I have four daughters, I have had four wives. I think I have some knowledge, some personal knowledge.”

Although appearing physically frail — Erwitt was using a walker to move around the gallery — the octogenarian has kept his native wit and his uncanny sense of humor about him in spades. He is still shooting occasionally and, when he is not, he is hard at work on the publication of two collections he plans to publish later this year. One collection will consist of images he took during a recent assignment in Cuba, some 50 years after his first visit on the island and the iconic pictures of Fidel Castro and Che Guevara that resulted.

“I have not hung up my shackles just yet,” he commented mischievously.