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Photographer Amanda Greene grew up in Atlanta, then moved to California to attend the Art Center College of Design and stayed there 17 years before returning to Georgia in 2010. Since coming home, she has used her photography to explore a sense of place in a Southern landscape that constantly changes and yet remains much the same.

Greene’s work has been published in The New York Times, the Oxford American, Garden & Gun Magazine, the Bitter Southerner and ArtsATL. Her photography has been exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia, Hathaway Contemporary Gallery, Swan Coach House Gallery and Slow Exposures.

Her book, Rejoice (Ain’t Bad), is newly released.

Photographer Amanda Greene stands behind a bush.

Amanda Greene

Now living in Danielsville near Athens, Greene is a 2017 Hambidge Center Fellow, and her photography shows a keen eye for the eccentricities of the South.

“I sense from these pictures an endless curiosity about people and place, about signs and wonders, and yet incredible attention to the details of impermanence,” photographer Roger May writes in the book’s forward. “We are offered vignettes into spaces most folks drive or walk by daily and never notice. . . . Pictures like this make me thankful for being from a hard-to-find place on a map. They make me rejoice in simplicity and familiarity.”

Greene describes her work as a broad celebration of color, natural and man-made, and its place in the Southern rural landscape and daily life.

From an Elvis impersonator to a propane gas tank painted as a watermelon, Greene’s photos capture a slice of Southern culture that still very much exists but is becoming more difficult to find.

ArtsATL is pleased to publish this photo gallery from Greene’s book.


A photo of an Elvis poster in a small rural Georgia diner.



A photo by Amanda Greene of a watermelon-painted propane gas tank.


A photo by Amanda Greene of a sunset reflected in the window of an old wood-frame house.


A photo of a wood cross coated in ice in a Georgia field.


A photo by Amanda Greene of an Elvis impersonator in a Georgia flea market.

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