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"A Spring Walk in My Woods" at Marcia Wood Gallery: Photographer Lucinda Bunnen's "Entry/Exit" (2019) is an archival pigment print that measures 30 x 20 inches. (Courtesy of the gallery)<

Photographer Lucinda Bunnen invites you to walk in her woods

Almost every day of the year, 88-year-old Lucinda Bunnen takes a rigorous walk with her beloved dogs through the woods at her Atlanta home. Friends often ask her to describe the landscape. A Spring Walk in My Woods is her response.

Storied Atlanta photographer Lucinda Bunnen (Courtesy of the artist)

The photographer’s series at Marcia Wood Gallery in Atlanta’s Castleberry Hill neighborhood (June 13—July 20) is intended to share Bunnen’s private world and her vision of nature. The gallery holds an opening reception at 7 p.m. June 13.

The 20 works in the exhibition were all taken this year and include such intriguing titles as The Dancer, The Ark, Bucking Bison With Rider, Mouth of the Dragon, Saca and Vandals and Zorro.

Photography first caught Bunnen’s eye almost five decades ago on a family trip to Peru for her 40th birthday. She’s been a prolific nationally known artist, collector, curator and philanthropist ever since, especially in Atlanta. In the 1970s and ’80s, Bunnen and High Museum of Art director Gudmund Vigtel created a collection for the museum that focuses on the independent spirit and vision of photographers. Many of the pieces came from Bunnen’s personal collection, or through her ability to separate photographer friends from pieces they held dear. (See related review.)

She produced three bodies of work in recent years under the title Lucinda’s World. All delved into decades of her photographic experiments.

The first, simply titled Lucinda’s World (2014), was an immersive installation at Mason Murer Fine Art meant to evoke the experience of being inside her home. The second, A Collection of Collections (2015) at Swan Coach House Gallery, presented large-scale photos of her lifelong passion for collecting such items as heart-shaped stones, Coca-Cola memorabilia and vintage cameras. The third, Weathered Chromes (2015) at Marcia Wood Gallery, featured enlargements of decayed slides from her archives.

Bucking Bison With Rider (2019), an archival pigment print that measures 30 x 20 in.

Two of her most celebrated works — titled From Hatcher’s Pond — welcome visitors at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Nine more can be seen in a glass case on the airport’s Concourse E. She also has a wall of photographs in the Charles Loudermilk building in Buckhead.

Seven books feature Bunnen’s photography, including three she cowrote — Movers & Shakers in Georgia (1978), Scoring in Heaven: Gravestones and Cemetery Art of the American Sunbelt States (1991) and Alaska: Trail, Tales, and Eccentric Detours (1992).

Her newest exhibition lands closer to home.