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Lady Clementine’s Fantastic Party is the epitome of a flavorful and fun tea party steeped in indie dream-pop soundscapes. The group, which consists of vocalist Amanda Tai as the host alongside a cast of talented friends and party guests, unveils its debut single “Coffee Shop” today.

Produced by Damon Moon of Standard Electric Recorders Co. with business partner Chandler Galloway adding piano melodies, the track is pulled from the forthcoming EP Clementine Season, which is set to release this summer. The song has vocalist Tim Sherrill contributing creatively, with added harmonies by Toni Williams.

“I wanted ‘Coffee Shop’ to be the first offering from Lady Clementine’s Fantastic Party because I want the audience to know I have a shadow side,” Tai says.

For all of its sweet crooning of wanting to be good for another person, the catchy and synth-saturated track follows a troubled temptress who chooses destructive behavior over her partner’s well wishes. Disregarding the hurt that she is causing, our protagonist chooses to distract her lover by convincing them to kiss her and walk her to the coffee shop rather than confront her prescription pill-popping problem.

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