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Editor’s note: As Atlanta artists face uncertainty amid Covid-19, ArtsATL offers this series to help us all connect. Each “In Our Own Words” features an artist sharing their experience, strength and hope for navigating a new normal.


The biggest impact has been being separated from my wife and family [he’s sheltering in his hometown of Selma, Alabama]. It’s also affected my business because there’s not much going on in the art world. I’ve been working on things that I needed to do that haven’t been able to get to — archiving and editing and organizing 20 years of digital files. On that front, I’ve gotten a lot accomplished.

I walk 45 minutes every morning. I always walk with my camera. I walk in the same place, but I see different things. I shoot pictures around the house [in the vein of his work in Responding to Home, a group show seen at MOCA GA in 2007 and Florida’s Appleton Museum of Art]. Some of it falls more into a Covid diary sort of series.

I hope for some sort of normalcy, but I don’t know what that is. What was normal before March I don’t think we will see for a very, very, very long time. I’m hoping to get back to Atlanta before too long and back into the real world. I hope for some sort of leadership and some sort of change in attitude by people. What do I think will come out of this? I don’t know.


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