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Editor’s note: As Atlanta artists face uncertainty amid Covid-19, ArtsATL offers this series to help us all connect. Each “In Our Own Words” features an artist sharing their experience, strength and hope for navigating a new normal.


I’ve been using this time to investigate and explore virtual classes. It’s something we’ve wanted to do for a long time. Virtual classes and live-streaming performances could add another level to our work. We have dancers with disabilities from Canada and across the United States, and they can now join us for class. That’s a big positive that we’ll come out of this with. It doesn’t have to be in person anymore. I’m kicking and screaming my way into it — Full Radius Dance is all about personal connection. We’re figuring out how to translate that into a virtual environment. 

Personally, I still have rough patches. For 40 years, my life has been getting up and going to class or rehearsal. That’s not possible now. I’m keeping my body moving. I have a small guest bedroom where I can reconnect with my own physicality. I’ve been trying to learn to live in the moment for years. Just being in the moment now has been very, very helpful to me. Some days, I can sit and savor something, how the light reflects off the buildings in Midtown like a painting.

It may take a while to figure out the future, it keeps changing, but great art does come out of adversity. Coming out of this, I will rely on the artists even more. I’ll find hope and guidance by the work of other artists. I’ve already been inspired by how the dance community has taken to virtual classes and performances. The thing about artists, we always find a way. And we’ll find our way through this.


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