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Our weekly column spotlights the best, newest, strangest and most beautiful in Atlanta street art. Today’s focus: the puzzle mural under the Freedom Parkway Bridge. Ed Jacoby, aka The Dope Artist, organized the effort and was joined by 18 colleagues. Each did one piece of the jigsaw. The mural was added to the Old Fourth Ward section of the Atlanta Street Art Map and is part of its Atlanta BeltLine East Side Walking Tour.


Jacoby calls the mural a “large-scale creative experiment.” The concept was born as he bounced ideas for “something big” off wife Amanda Hrynkiewicz. He then reached out to members of the Lotus Eaters Club, an Atlanta collective of animators, illustrators, designers and muralists, and asked friends and colleagues for recommendations. It snowballed, he says.

The piece by Helen Choi (@helen_of_choi) (All images by

The piece by Mario Daniel (@doitdoitleague)


The work began bit by bit in late November and was completed in February. Lots of rain and disparate schedules lengthened the process.


In alphabetical order: Chris Alvarez (@thepitoto), David Bardis (@fila3000), Rod Ben (@thekillamari), Pierre Cerrato (@oofster), Helen Choi (@helen_of_choi), Erin Clark (@_brthatl), Joe Dent (@3seaven), Mario Daniel (@doitdoitleague), Matthew Evans (@mevansatl92), Courtney Hicks (@courtney.e.hicks), Angie Jerez (@_angiejerez), Matt Letrs (@Letsgopaint), Pam Peacock (@thevoyagerpeacock), Kat Stockton (@katstockton), Eddie Gatsby Turner (@oddgatsby) and artists simply known as @bigteeff@hdawgart and @jaguamartian.


A free-form experiment — each muralist agreed to do one piece of the puzzle and could do whatever he or she wished.

Pieces by Joe Dent (@3seaven, top) and Chris Alvarez (@thepitoto)


Much of the paint was donated by Norcross-based Global Paint for Charity, which collects leftover paint from businesses and individuals, then consolidates and repackages it and distributes it locally and around the world.


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This puzzle piece lists all the contributing artists.

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