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Throughout the month of April, National Poetry Month, ARTS ATL will be introducing you to a few of Georgia’s most talented poets and spoken word artists.

This week, we present Alice Teeter.

Teeter is a poet, lecturer at Emory University and co-leader of the poetry improv workshop Improvoetry. She has published five poetry collections, including 2008’s String Theory, which won the Georgia Poetry Society’s 2008 Charles B. Dickson Chapbook Contest, judged by poet Lewis Turco. Her latest, Mountain Mother Poems, has been praised for its “dreamlike clarity” with poems both “mythic and marvelous.”

Social media handle/website information:

Facebook: AliceTeeterPoetry

Twitter: @TeeterAlice

ARTS ATL: How would you describe the type of poetry you write or perform?

Alice Teeter: Poetry that invokes the senses that summon an emotional response. A playful engagement with words and their sounds. Accessible language without pretense. Humorous.

ARTS ATLWhere can we go to find your work or see you perform?

TeeterWhen it Happens to You, Elephant Girls and Mountain Mother Poems are available locally at Charis Books or from my website.

I am adjusting to retirement and don’t have any readings, workshops or classes scheduled, but [when I do, they] are posted on my website here:

Locally, I’ve read at Charis Books, Callanwolde, the Decatur Book Festival/Java Monkey Stage and Decatur Library Poetry Atlanta/Georgia Center for the Book poetry readings.

ARTS ATL: Favorite spots in Atlanta to go for poetry readings, open mics or spoken word events?

Teeter: Poetry Atlanta events, Callanwolde Poetry Readings, Java Monkey Speaks, DeKalb Center for the Book Readings at Decatur Library.

ARTS ATL: What are some of the recurring themes you explore in your poetry/verses?

Teeter: Nature, relationships, love, memory, chaos and order.

ARTS ATL: What is it about poetry that’s most appealing to you as a creative form?

Teeter: The sparseness of words, that each word carries a multitude of meaning, music, sound, its power to evoke something more or other than the words themselves.

ARTS ATL: Who or what most inspires your work?

Teeter: Reading about science, particularly physics, the mind and how we perceive the world.

ARTS ATL: Whose poetry do you most enjoy?

Teeter: Carolyn Forche, Wallace Stevens, Sarah Lindsay.

ARTS ATL: Share with us your favorite line of poetry.

Teeter: “One must have a mind of winter . . .” or “Things as they are / Are changed upon the blue guitar.”

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