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Life is full of change — good, bad and in between. For Sarah Stokes, coartistic director of Atlanta Dance Collective, choreography is her outlet for dealing with these shifts. Inspired by the ups and downs of her life along with the stories of other women, Stokes created IMPRINT, an evening-length performance set for a premiere at The B Complex February 22–24. IMPRINT is Atlanta Dance Collective’s major production of the season and is part of a week-long series of performances and film presentations at The B Complex beginning February 19 with FEMMEfest.

IMPRINT explores the ways women react to changes in relationships and the growth that comes from struggle. Stokes interviewed a few women about their familial relationships and friendships and asked them how they grew from the shifts and changes in these relationships. Some women had stories of grief, others of resistance or denial, and some of acceptance. Stokes brought the women’s stories to her 11 dancers and asked them to choose phrases from the stories and, along with poetry by Stokes’ sister, Hannah Stokes, create movement. About the title, Stokes said, “Imprint means to impress something upon someone, so I thought it was a word that really encompassed what all these women worked through and what we as a people go through.”

Using both athletic and tender, nuanced choreography, IMPRINT empowers women by telling their stories through movement. Along with original music by Jonathan Maiocco, Hannah Stokes will recite her poetry during the performance. A large metal structure, created by Danielle Rose, will also accompany the dancers onstage. Stokes hopes IMPRINT allows the audience to reflect on the impact we have on one another as human beings and on the hope and beauty that come from the struggle of change.

Atlanta Dance Collective programming, February 19-24 at the B Complex

Feburary 19-24

–FEMMEfest gallery exhibition of films by Sarah Emery, Meredith Haynie, Terelyn Jones, Courtney Locke and Nadya Zeitlin.

–The Distaff Series, a gallery showing of five short films by Britt Whitmoyer Fishel.

February 19-21

–FEMMEfest performance series featuring works by Mallory Baxley, Jessica Bertram, Laura Briggs, Maria McNiece, Veronica Cato, Sarah Emery, Camille Jones, Amanda Sieradzki and Kristel Rose Tedesco.

February 22-24

–IMPRINT, an evening-length production choreographed by Sarah Stokes and performed by members of Atlanta Dance Collective.

All events will take place at The B Complex. Tickets and information available at

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