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Dwayne Shivers is a communal effort and a collection of music more than 10 years in the making. It is the collaborative moniker of burning folk melodies that swirl in songwriter and ATL Collective cofounder Micah Dalton’s head, deftly elevated by a rotating cast of inspired musicians. Dalton released the single “My Egypt Is In My Mind” last month, and today, an equally matched visual representation of the song is available for view.

With 2017’s release of “Waking Light,” the group took to a raw and beautiful gospel-hued duet with Kyshona Armstrong, dancing through a deep longing for someone. The latest release of “My Egypt Is In My Mind” floats along an ethereally scored blues journey, dosing listeners with a fresh take on organically rooted Americana.

The song is a call to arms, shedding the conflict and sense of division that can exist within the mind. Having grown up in the church, Dalton calls on familiar themes to explain the unexplainable, all while not taking himself too seriously in the process.

“Moses is my therapist as I’m dealing with the fragmentation of post-modernity,” Dalton says. “The song is zany and bombastic. I get caught in my head a ton. I’m not going to not be stuck in my head — it’s who I am, so let’s just have fun with it.”

AJ Holder and Erastus McCart shot the video during a live performance at The Earl. Dalton enlisted the help of Anthony Aparo, Jeremy McDonald and Jason Kingsland on the full-length record, Buffered & Blest, which is set to release on March 1 with a performance at Eddie’s Attic.

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