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“Felt it was necessary to contribute the best way I know how,” Atlanta artist Dustin Emory says on Instagram about the George Floyd mural he painted late last week. “I’m proud of this city. Stand up for what is right. Black lives matter. #justiceforgeorgefloyd.”

ARTIST: Emory, who’s formerly from Woodstock. He took up watercolors when recovering from spinal surgery and now paints nearly every day. His art is centered around human life. “Whether it be a 90-year-old lady, a homeless man or a gang member,” he says, “I want to capture each person in the same light. We all deserve life and should respect that.”

STYLE: Varies, but his paintings share a theme. “I like to portray people that most artists don’t. I want to show that we are all equal no matter our backgrounds, our race or our future.”

LOCATION: 383 Marietta St. N.W. in downtown Atlanta. That’s one block from the Georgia Aquarium and half a mile from CNN Center. To see more of Emory’s work, go HERE.


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