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Since 2018, Riley McBride (vocals), Elena Best (guitar, backup vocals), Anthony Prince (bass, backup vocals) and Dorian Triga (drums) have entranced audiences as Peeko. The indie rock quartet’s debut release I’m Always Moving Tiny Things invites listeners to confront dissonant interpersonal relationships, sex and coming of age. The group plays The Bakery on June 1.

The record triumphantly opens with “For Kurt,” which finds balance in upbeat instrumentals, confrontational lyrics and angelic harmonies. “I wasn’t interested in anything you have to say,” McBride confesses in the song. Tracks such as “Pinetrees” longingly reach for something that isn’t there — McBride’s comforting voice tackles the tough topic of disintegrating relationships.

“It starts slowly, and you see signs of it happening, but then all of a sudden everything is different and you look at each other passively,” she says. “Their actions and their words juxtapose, and the relationship doesn’t mean the same to you anymore. When you’re in the car together, you start noticing the spaces between the pine trees getting wider.”

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