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Idea Capital, a group founded to support innovative Atlanta artists, has announced this year’s awards. Eight artists will receive a total of $6,400 to fund specific projects in a number of disciplines:

Blake Thurman Butler plans to bring a special intensity to a novel, which he will write sitting in the same room for 50 days.

George King, who has been working for the past 15 years toward a film biography of self-taught artist Lonnie Holley, will use his grant to fund writing and editing.

Klimchak will build new percussion instruments and compose a piece of music to be performed in galleries and alternative spaces in an effort to expose a new audience to 21st-century percussion music.

Lynn Marshall-Linnemeier for “Unraveling Miss Kitty’s Cloak,” a site-specific installation and memorial in Oxford, Ga., about Catherine “Kitty” Andrew Boyd, who was a slave belonging to James Osgood Andrew, president of the Board of Trustees of Emory College.

Michi Meko, for vending machines filled with cotton, the proceeds from which will fund a secret political arts agenda and artists, based on the idea that we often fund political agendas different from our own views.

Amy McDaniel, who runs the author reading series “Solar Anus,” and Natalie Lyalin, who publishes the online poetry magazine “GlitterPony,” will create a podcast highlighting Atlanta writers, with readings, interviews and features — “a hip version of ‘Fresh Air.’ ”

Gyun Hur, recent winner of the Hudgens Prize, will host a series of meals for young artists, encouraging them to remain in Atlanta.

Founded in 2008, Idea Capital is a do-it-yourself organization, now supported by donations from some 46 people, many of them artists.

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