Your Guide To The Arts In Atlanta

Dear Readers,

Photo by Brandon Barr.

When I came on board as Executive Editor in January 2016, Susannah Darrow and I had an incredible vision for ArtsATL. We set out to help this publication develop and grow: to expand the breadth of the publication’s coverage as well as its contributor base to better exemplify the city we cover so diligently; to aid in the redesign of our website into a more modern and aesthetically pleasing design for our readership; to further establish ArtsATL as the leading resource for Atlanta’s arts news.

We’ve accomplished a lot of those goals in a very short period of time, thanks to the generosity of our funders, the dedication of our staff and board and the talent of our contributors. We’ve also developed some really incredible partnerships, working closely with organizations like 90.1 WABE, VOX Teen Communications, Emory University’s Robert Woodruff Library, Atlanta Celebrates Photography, the Atlanta Convention and Visitor’s Bureau and more. I’m incredibly proud of everything that we’ve accomplished.

These past two years have been an astounding amount of work and equally as rewarding. I’m grateful to have worked with an institution that would instill in Susannah and I so much trust to steer the publication into this new era.

But as Executive Editor, it’s my responsibility to keep what is best for the publication at the top of mind in addition to what’s best for myself as an individual. Atlanta and its arts community have been my raison d’être since I first moved here in the summer of 2008. It would take a truly remarkable opportunity for me to change gears. It never occurred to me that such a circumstance would become a real possibility.

Thanks to the extreme generosity of Tom and Karen Reed, my husband and I have been generously offered the chance to run a 140-acre estate in Corinth, Vermont, where we will establish our own farm and writing residency program, thanks to the support of our friends and the property’s owners. Though this is a slight change in career for me, I don’t view it as a complete diversion. With ArtsATL, we’ve created a safe, inclusive space where Atlanta’s arts community can gather, stay informed and connect. In this next venture, Jake and I aim to do more of the same: create a safe, inclusive space where a community can nourish itself, the earth and creative life. In addition to this, I’ll continue in my vocation — writing — while also fostering a healthy space for other creatives to develop their own works.

I will be staying on with the publication through the end of October. After that time, the responsibilities of editor will temporarily be held by Scott Freeman until a permanent replacement is found. It’s a great comfort to know that this incredible publication will be in such talented and capable hands.

I have complete faith that this institution will continue to thrive, as will this city’s great arts ecosystem. I’m honored to have held the helm and look forward to finding out what the future will bring.

Onward and upward,