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ArtsATL, in the midst of a financial crisis that has threatened its existence, has received a $25,000 grant from the Charles Loridans Foundation, a longtime supporter of the online publication.

ArtsATL is providing an essential service that is not being duplicated,” Robert Edge said.

Atlanta attorney Robert Edge, chair of the Loridans trustees, said the grant is a direct response to ArtsATL’s call for help at a July 23 community forum.

ArtsATL is providing an essential service to Atlanta that is not being duplicated elsewhere,” Edge said. “The Loridans trustees and I personally hope that this vital organization can not only survive but that it can enhance its communications about the arts life of our community. We need ArtsATL to flourish!”

The grant marks a significant milestone for ArtsATL’s campaign to raise $70,000 by the end of August. The sum would ensure the site’s financial stability through 2019 while the board and staff chart out a course for the future.

Rachel Eisaman, board chair of ArtsATL, said the grant is a major step in bringing financial stability. 

“Receiving the Loridans Foundation grant is a testament to how important ArtsATL is to the community,” Eisaman said. “It is a show of faith in the product we produce and in our ability to move forward as an organization. We are beyond grateful to Bob Edge and the entire board of Loridans.”

ArtsATL is celebrating its 10th year as an online publication that covers Atlanta’s arts community — art and design, theater, music, dance, books and film and television — with reviews, news and feature stories.

Each January ArtsATL presents its Luminary awards. In 2019, the community engagement award went to The Atlanta Opera for its veterans’ programming. Pictured: The opera’s 2016 Silent Night. (Courtesy of the opera).

The arts publication hosted a forum last week at the Woodruff Arts Center to inform metro arts leaders that the organization was in financial crisis and to ask for support. In early July, ArtsATL received an anonymous $70,000 grant that will allow it to continue operations through September.

While the Loridans grant is a significant step, Eisaman said it is still critical that ArtsATL raises another $45,000 by the end of August.

At last week’s forum, attended by about 125 of the city’s arts leaders, Eisaman said, “This is a critical moment for us. We certainly aren’t the first small arts organization to face this. Many of you have shared your own stories of similar challenges in your organization and how you pulled through it.”

Woodruff Arts Center CEO and President Doug Shipman spoke at the forum and stressed the importance of ArtsATL to Atlanta’s arts ecosystem. “If we don’t have ArtsATL,” said Shipman, “we lose a vital way to communicate with our audience.”

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