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Editor’s note: As Atlanta artists face uncertainty amid Covid-19, ArtsATL offers this series to help us all connect. Each “In Our Own Words” features an artist sharing their experience, strength and hope for navigating a new normal.


As a costume designer, all of my shows are down. I had seven to nine shows I was working on, including The Brothers Size at Actor’s Express, Cotton Patch Gospel at Theatrical Outfit, The Light at Horizon and the Three Little Birds tour for Synchronicity. I honestly didn’t know how I was going to get all that done, but now that’s not a problem.

I’m forgiving myself for sleeping more, making sure that I exercise as much as I eat (which has been a challenge . . . such a challenge). I’ve been creating outside spaces where I can sit and write.

I hope that instead of embracing this as a new normal, we look at it as a way to do things differently. Those of us in arts and activism always have these conversations about how the way we work is not sustainable and not conducive to health and happiness. I hope we look at this time as a beginning and a renaissance, where we evolve what we do into doing it better. All of the things you say you wanted — family, time at home, etc. — we have, and we’re complaining instead of embracing them.


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