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Editor’s note: Atlanta artists face uncertainty amid Covid-19. To help us all connect, ArtsATL offers this series. In each “In Our Own Words,” an artist will share their experience, strength and hope as we all navigate a new normal.


I spent the first month in kind of a state of shock. I was confronted with making the right choices for both myself and for society. I’d worked on a project for a year and had an installation scheduled, but I didn’t feel comfortable putting a group of people together to do that. That was one of my harder ones because I also didn’t want to disappoint my collector.

I built a bonfire one night at the beginning of this, and I was looking up at the night sky. There’s something about the night sky, the unknown. I realized that getting into an argument with the unknown is when anxiety comes. I took some time looking inside and being inside the angst, and I started a series of paintings of the night sky. I found that working on them calmed me down and I felt at peace.

I’ve noticed I don’t feel as much in a rush. I usually have four or five projects going at the same time. I’ve noticed I’ve slowed down a lot. I’ve started to question why I make art and who I am as an artist. I’ve learned how to work virtually. The most ridiculous thing I’ve done . . . something I love doing is having people over for dinner or brunch. I got these cooking salts, so I put on lipstick and nice pants and did a cooking show on Facebook Live.


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