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The art couldn’t and wouldn’t stop even during a pandemic. Timothy Tew, owner of TEW Galleries in Buckhead, says, “The common denominator with everything I show is just that it comes out of traditions of beauty. Things that have stood the test of time.”

Tew has just kept doing what he knows to do — making personal connections between artists and art lovers. There are behind-the-scenes conversations with artists. There was the first video in a series about art in Tew’s private collection. And there was an Instagram Live Cocktail Party & Tour with painter and sculptor America Martin from her Los Angeles studio. She’s scheduled to open a solo show at TEW on July 24.

Artist America

Los Angeles painter and sculptor America Martin opens a solo show at TEW Galleries on July 24. This piece, ink on Japanese paper, is titled “Red Blossom.”

Architecturally, TEW Galleries is as vibrant and aesthetically unique as its artwork. The three-story townhome, designed by Tew with European elegance, enhances the visitor experience. “People get to actually see how art can look in a setting,” Tew says. “The personal has a lot to do with the aesthetic part.” TEW Galleries, which is big enough to accommodate social distancing, is open six days a week.

LOCATION, ETC.: 425 Peachtree Hills Ave. N.E. in the Galleries of Peachtree Hills next to the Atlanta Decorative Arts Center. Open 10 a.m.–5 p.m. Monday–Friday and 11 a.m.–5 p.m. Saturday. 404.869.0511. Follow the art, artists’ conversations and more on Facebook and Instagram.

SPECIALTY: Figurative and abstract contemporary artists who emphasize color in paintings, drawings, sculpture and “painterly” photography. Expect the unexpected. Work from the 20th century may be near something from the 16th century. TEW represents some 40 artists, a roster that includes Atlanta painters Helen DeRamus, Calvin Jones and Charles Keiger, Canadian painter Curtis Cutshaw and painter Serhiy Hai from the Ukraine.

TEW Galleries - Calvin Jones

Atlanta’s Calvin Jones did this oil on canvas titled “Pita in a Red Dress.”

ABOUT THE OWNER: Tew’s immersion in the Paris art scene in the mid-1980s sparked his return to Atlanta and the start of art shows in 1987. His space was first called Galerie Timothy Tew, which became TEW Galleries in 2005. Tew has a music degree in piano and studied interior design. His team includes gallery director Jules Bekker, sales director Corky David and Pamela, Tew’s cat.

ON VIEW: Organized Abstraction, a seven-artist show featuring longtime gallery artists Jean-Pierre Bourquin, Jean Glenn and Stewart Helm and relative newcomers Dane Carder, Susan Dory, Cameron Ritcher and Cutshaw.

JUST ANNOUNCED: The exhibition Salon Style 2020 will run June 12–July 12.

MOST MEMORABLE: “When you find an artist that really resonates with the public,” Tew says. “America Martin is the latest iteration of that.” He believes that artists need to break with tradition to create new things.

QUOTE: “I don’t take in news like I once did. It’s not healthy for my mind. It’s polarizing. I think I do a lot more by just being here. Showing art. Trying to represent the beauty in the world and supporting people and myself. This is what I do. This is what I care about.”


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