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A straight play-through of Fox Wound’s sophomore release, It Could Happen to Youconjures dreamlike images of a golden-hour drive through the mountains. Hazy dream pop anthems escalate steadily before peaking to post-hardcore detonation, marking an expansion of the band’s technical proficiency and emotional maturity.

The album packs 14 tracks into 37 minutes with subtle complexity, without sacrificing a clean composition. Fox Wound’s versatility as a three-piece is displayed through ballads like “Super Swimsuit” in comparison to the heavy guitar riffs and screaming vocals best heard in “Arcade Port.” Regardless of which turn the group takes, soft piano and acoustics are often incorporated, giving the album a sense of coherence.

It Could Happen to You’s most torrential moments hark back to the youthful anguish of Fox Wound’s 2016 debut, In Passing, You Too Fadedbut from a perspective of opportunity more than anxiety. It’s a coming-of-age story for lead vocalist Joseph McMichen, who says his writing evolved over three years of life and personal growth.

“I was younger and more depressed at the time, and I wrote music that reflected that,” McMichen says. “Now I’m at a place where I feel better about being alive, and I want to make music that reflects some of the silver linings. Things don’t have to be perfect every day, but I’m willing to give life credit when it’s going well.”

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