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A world of menacing sounds and unapologetic characters collide, emerging as Material Girls. The group takes the stage with fellow locals Karaoke, Shouldies and DJ Kale Svvick on January 18, along with New York-based Sloppy Jane to transform EAV’s 529 into a frenzied carnival of sights and sounds.

Like a wormhole into debauchery and unencumbered expression, Material Girls gives listeners a peek into the balance between chaos and order. Sultry horns ride above the jangled but tight rhythm section while an onslaught of punk-inspired vocals and riffy guitar melodies pull deep into the roots of glam-punk heaven.

Karaoke’s ethereal presence combined with the synthwave pop of the Shouldies sets the stage for the variety of sounds the Atlanta music scene has to offer. Sloppy Jane founder and frontwoman Haley Dahl tops off the evening. Acting as the musical love child of Frank Zappa and Marilyn Manson with blue paint oozing from her mouth, Dahl commands her band with precision and unabashed presence.

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