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Fahamu Pecou

Opinion: the art of listening amidst the chaos

These are, indeed, trying times. We are being pulled from one extreme to the other. Conversations have dissolved into confrontations. On a daily basis, we are bombarded with polarizing rhetoric and narrow-minded ideas. Hyperactive news cycles announce our impending doom. Cell phone cameras, Facebook statuses and Instagram posts have transformed everyone into pseudo-activists. Everyone has an opinion. Everyone has something to say, but in actuality, we rarely talk to each other, let alone take the time listen....

Opinion: “Art Will Tell”

Observing as well as living the ongoing traumas of a Black male experience, and ultimately the birth of my own son, became a call to action. I dedicated myself to addressing the concerns, hopes, traumas and triumphs of Black masculinity. My hope was to make art that would inspire us all to be better, for the world to wholly "see" Black men and for Black men to see themselves, whole....