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Victoria Blade delivers music perfectly fit for the season. Her warm vocals paired with nostalgic tunes remind listeners of the value held in simplicity. Her most recent single, “Moving Song,” complements the overall theme of her album, Lo-fi Love Songs, released earlier this year, which highlights her journey as a singer, actress and woman. 

Blade has careers going on three fronts: as an actor, a singer-songwriter and a filmmaker. She has a role on the hit HBO series Watchmen and the new Dynasty and had a recurring role on  NBC’s Chicago Fire. She also wrote, produced and starred in the 2018 short film Alien Baby.

She will perform Friday night in a secret Brookhaven location that won’t be revealed until the day before the show. 

Recorded on a Tascam four-track, Blade’s recent album serves as a personal journal, allowing her to express life’s highs and lows while reminding listeners that they aren’t alone in their emotions. “Music helps make sense out of life,” says Blade. “It connects people and reminds us that we are not alone. Our desires, experiences, hopes and suffering are shared.”

After the release of her music video for “Moving Song,” Blade began to prepare her next album. Lo-fi Love Songs is full of simple, more delicate songs, she says. “My next album will have a fuller sound and more up-tempo tunes.” 

Her inspiratio, she says, comes from what she feels in the moment about the topics that excite her most.

“Moving Song” was written in the midst of a move from Chicago to New York City — all before finding her home in Atlanta. Listening to the song now, Blade says the lyrics perfectly sum up the excitement and fatigue she experienced through her ever-shifting experiences as an actor and musician. The relaxed, peaceful ambiance of the song was perfectly balanced by its story — the hustle and emotions experienced throughout 10 years as a working artist.

Blade grew up in Michigan and began to act in Chicago theater after college. That’s where she began to work with a voice teacher. 

Discovering her individuality in music led to the release of her debut album. While Blade has recorded and released music in collaboration with other bands and artists, nothing compares to the transparency she felt during the creation of her solo album. “It was me recording and mixing everything, so it feels really personal and authentic,” she says.

Blade hopes her next music project will involve a full band. “I have a bunch of songs I need to develop, record and play with local musicians,” she says. “I’d like to collaborate with Atlanta musicians who want to have fun.”

In between preparing for her upcoming show, Blade has been working on TV shows for ICF, HBO, AMC and more, as well as writing a TV pilot that features her own music. But that does not mean she’s putting songwriting to the side. “I also have a bunch of new songs for the second album that I’ll record next year,” says Blade. “I guess you could say I’m busy.”

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