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On February 24, 2016 The Goat Farm Arts Center and the Hambidge Center announced their 5 finalists for the 2016 Field Experiment prize. This is the second year for the two organizations to allot  a $20,000 for a live and interactive installation to engage the Atlanta public. “Singular concepts telegraph Atlanta’s progressive identity further & more energetically.  I’m excited to be apart of something that’s asking new questions,” says Anthony Harper, co-founder of The Goat Farm Arts Center. Harper and fellow panelists Teresa Reeves, Bethany Collins, Madison Cario and Jamie Badoud, were tasked with whittling the 77 applicants for this year’s Field Experiment to 5 finalists, each were given $2,000 to develop smaller versions of their larger concepts, which debuted at the annual Hambidge auction this past weekend.

The finalists for the second iteration of the Field Experiment project are Martha Whittington and Rae Long; Maya Gurantz; T. Lang, Jessica Anderson, Mikhail Jacob, John Osborn and Hebru Brantley; Pablo Gnecco, Christopher Derek Bruno and Travis Broyles; and Beau Martina and Sam Crane.

These five videos give a deeper explanation of the five finalists of this year’s Field Experiment, whose work will continue to be showcased at The Goat Farm Arts Center from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. through this Saturday.  The winner, who will be announced on Monday, May 3, will receive a $20,000 commission, a two-week residency at Hambidge and administrative and production support from the sponsoring organizations.

Justin Newton – Production Director
Brock Scott – Production Director
Javier Morales – Music

“Post” by T. Lang, Jessica Anderson, Mikhail Jacob, John Osburn and Hebru Brantley

“9to5” by Pablo Gnecco, Christopher Derek Bruno and Travis Broyles
(This finalist also has live-streaming programming scheduled throughout the week at their website.) 

“Color Slug” Beau Martin & Sam Crane 

“Ghosting Atlanta” by Maya Gurantz

“Contemplation – Resolution – Unity” by Martha Whittington & Rae Long


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