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Hello Atlanta arts community!

With this new website, former staff writers from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution have come together to offer opinion, news and ideas about our growing local scene. The editors are Pierre Ruhe, the former AJC classical music critic, and Catherine Fox, former AJC visual arts critic. We’ll also recruit some of the sharpest writers around. In addition to art and music, will cover theater, dance and more.

We believe that thoughtful criticism is a key component of a vibrant arts community, not only as an important link between art and its audience but also as a platform for debate and dialogue. Both Pierre and Cathy will continue to contribute occasional reviews and features to the AJC, as freelance writers. But we feel — and your expressions of concern suggest you share this view — that metro Atlanta needs more.

We hope this blog,, will help to fill the gap.

We intend to apply the same journalistic ethics and standards we have demonstrated throughout our careers and, as we add writers, will expect the same from them. So please bookmark our site. Please tell your friends. And please add your comments and keep us apprised of what you are doing. We hope to supply you with a steady stream of reviews, news and comments — yours and ours.

Send us your thoughts: ArtsCriticATL [at]

— Pierre and Cathy

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