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“Dream information and the seepage of dreams into reality is where a lot of my work begins,” says Iman Person, an artist, sculptor and curator living within the city. Person’s work is at once heavily ritual-based, derived from nature and incredibly sensorial. Spanning themes of origin, landscape and the human form, Person’s work straddles multiple planes of existence, whether it’s dreamscape and reality, human interference and nature, or ritual versus the spontaneous. “I embed qualities of altered space, the feminine, primordial memory, and ritual into my work to create imagery that bears semblance to the body while bearing reference to anthropological customs that are rooted in both Southern and aboriginal vernacular,” she states.

Person is a graduate of Georgia State University who has gone on to be named one of the 30 most influential artists in Atlanta. A member of Dashboard Co-op, and former Hambidge and Walthall fellow, Person recently joined the team at WonderRoot as an Artistic Innovation Specialist.

Here, ArtsATL videographer Ethan Payne visits Person at her studio to talk about her work.


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