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Muddy Mya is a new recording artist from the Stone Mountain area. Part of her allure is her mystery. She wears a mask and is almost always publicly draped in black clothes and hues. In the only other interview she’s done to date, a January sitdown with Creative Hustle USA, she said, “I knew I wanted to do music when I heard The Carter III for the first time. I was like 10 or 11 and when I heard that album I was like whatever Lil Wayne is doing I wanna do that!” She has just released her debut EP, Mudbath, and spoke to ArtsATL about her musical journey.

ArtsATL: What is your earliest memory of music?

Muddy Mya: I remember my mom playing ’90s R&B all the time. I remember on the weekends when she’d clean the house she would play all the pop hits of that time. She often played other genres too, like alternative rock. 

ArtsATL: How musical is your family?

Muddy Mya: I come from a pretty musical family. My mom was a singer. I try to incorporate that in my music. She also played piano. Her dad played bass guitar in his band. I’ve always been around music. I knew I wanted to be a rapper since middle school.

ArtsATL: How did you get the name Muddy Mya?

Muddy Mya: I’ve been in some muddy situations a lot. Ultimately, that’s who I am. There’s no cool story. It’s just taking something negative and making it positive.

ArtsATL: How collaborative is music for you right now?

Muddy Mya publicity photo

Muddy Mya grew up in the Stone Mountain area and comes from a musical family.

Muddy Mya: Personally, I hadn’t been that collaborative because I was just getting started. I felt like I had to find my sound and what works for me before I try to collaborate with someone else. Recently, I’ve been collaborating with some fye artists. We have some heat in the vault. I have a lot of artist friends who are really good and I’m working on things with them as well. Plus everyday someone new discovers me and if our sounds match and they want to work I’m always open.

ArtsATL: How did the concept for Mudbath come about?

Muddy Mya: When we’re going through hard times, we seek refuge in things that make us feel good temporarily like spas, salons, or shopping. This project brought me great relief like a mud bath would.

ArtsATL: How difficult or easy was it to whittle or limit the project to just five songs?

Muddy Mya: Very difficult. With a limit of only five songs, I had to write some of my best stuff. I had to pick the right songs. It did get easier after recording the second song. At that point, I just started going off of my feelings. I also let some of my close friends help me decide.

ArtsATL: What are your thoughts on the state of music right now?

Muddy Mya: Right now, it is amazing. Whatever type of music you like, you have it at the tip of your fingers. We have access to so many different artists and new genres so I feel like there’s no way you can get bored or be disappointed with the state of music unless you’re just listening to radio all day. Even then, there’s a bit of diversity going on the airwaves depending what shows you listen to.

ArtsATL: What is your favorite aspect of the musical community here in Atlanta?

Muddy Mya: I’ve experienced a lot of people support each other here. There’s the right amount of competitiveness. It’s not on some hater vibes. There’s also a lot of different sounds coming out of the city that aren’t typical “Atlanta sounds.”

ArtsATL: What’s next for you?

Muddy Mya: God willing, a lot is next for me. I want to do so much. Plenty of visuals are definitely in the very near future. A longer project. More live shows, of course. Just the overall evolution of Muddy.


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