Your Guide To The Arts In Atlanta

The venues of the Westside Arts District, which hold a joint event once a month, have cooked up an especially interesting schedule for their July 17 Westside Art Walk. In addition to their exhibitions, three will have artist’s talks and one will host a day-long performance.

Here’s the schedule:

Shana Robbins’ “Axis Mundi at Blue Lagoon” (detail)

11 a.m. Shana Robbins discusses “Supernatural Conductor,” her solo show at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center.

1 p.m. Pandra Williams talks about “In Significance,” her collaboration with Annette Gates, at Kiang Gallery.

2 p.m. Sheila Pree Bright and others will discuss hip-hop culture, gun culture and body image, as it relates to her solo show “Girls, Grillz and Guns,” at Sandler Hudson Gallery. (Kiang is next door, so you can easily do both.)

10 a.m.-5 p.m. “Thousand Kisses, In My Living Room,” Gyun Hur’s performance at Get This! Expect to see ritualistic cutting of garments and, according to the press announcement, green house plants waiting for kisses and whispers.

Participants also include Astolfi Art, Emily Amy Gallery, Octane Coffee Bar, Saltworks, Tanner-Hill Gallery and Twin Kittens. Check the website for details.