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Core Dance has been named the lead organization for the global Fieldwork Network, a powerful program that supports the creative process not just for choreographers but for playwrights, composers, poets, vocalists and more.

The Fieldwork Network is a signature program of The Field, an arts service organization based in New York City. Since 1993, Fieldwork’s acclaimed peer-to-peer feedback methodology has helped thousands of artists in 10 cities around the world. Core Dance was a founding member and has offered Fieldwork in Atlanta and Houston twice a year for more than 25 years. In Atlanta, dance artists Rose Shields, Louise Runyon, Lori Teague, Blake Beckham and Ann Ritter are just a few who have participated and gained valuable experience.

Dancer-choreographer Rose Shields is one of the many Atlanta artists who have benefited from the Fieldwork methodology.

“We are delighted to transition Fieldwork to our long-time partner and colleague Core Dance,” Jennifer Wright Cook, executive director of The Field, said in a press release. “We couldn’t imagine a more vibrant home for this unique and crucial program.”

Sue Schroeder, co-founder and artistic director of Core Dance, is known for her collaborative, non-hierarchical approach to art making. She embodies the Fieldwork process with its peer-to-peer exchanges and feedback. “To do this on a national and global level – wow, the conversations and ideas are so very rich,” she said. In 2022 she plans to develop a five-year vision for the Network’s sites worldwide. “The creation of this vision, and the communication across all the sites worldwide, is so invigorating and generative.”

Core Dance will provide artists with the much-needed space to connect, collaborate and explore. It will house all related archived content, facilitate connections with Fieldwork member sites across the globe, and maintain regular meetings, both virtual and in person, working toward a cross-member mentoring program.

The Field describes itself as a thriving community for “artists and makers: from the radical, gorgeous and bizarre to the schmaltzy, swelling, overblown.” It’s for all those artists and more that The Field is shifting its focus to an ambitious Vision for Life Preparedness program designed to disrupt the “starving artist” trope and assist artists with long-term life planning. And it’s because of this shift that the Fieldwork initiative is transitioning to reside with Core Dance.

Said an excited Schroeder: “I want to ignite the application of this incredible methodology here and around the world.”

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