Your Guide To The Arts In Atlanta

As ARTS ATL embraces the new — new year, new website, new artists — we recognize that it is essential to explore new stories and new ways of storytelling. That is why this year we will be profiling 20 theater artists, administrators and innovators who are shaking up the city’s stages. Our favorite writers (and some new ones) will be having intimate conversations with fresh faces who are making waves all over the metro Atlanta area. We are looking for the manager who is creating a new workplace, the producer who is taking a chance on new work, the actor who is taking theater off of the stage and everything in between.

Our goal with these new stories is to offer insight into why these talented individuals have chosen a life of art, what steps they have taken in their careers to get where they are and where they see the theater scene headed. These stories are meant to be as much about approaches to the craft as they are really candid interviews that make you laugh, cry and even raise an eyebrow.

Our first interview will be with Jamil Jude, the new artistic director of True Colors Theatre Company. Jude moved to Atlanta from Minneapolis and is taking the reins of the Southwest Atlanta company founded by Broadway director Kenny Leon. One of our regular critics, Jim Farmer, spoke with Jude about his career trajectory and his plans for continuing the True Colors legacy. We’re jumping into the deep, and we hope you’ll join us.