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Editor’s note: Atlanta’s artists face uncertainty in the age of coronavirus. To help us all connect, we’re offering this series. In each “In Our Own Words” post, an artist will share their experience, strength and hope as we all navigate a new normal.


I begin each day with a meditation. Lately I’ve been using the one offered by Deepak Chopra and Oprah on health and well-being. I try to keep the same habits like making my bed since that is the first thing you can accomplish successfully, brushing my teeth and taking a shower. I try to find humor in situations that could otherwise be stressful and so far that has worked. I end each day writing in a gratitude journal. Most importantly, I  limit my exposure to negative news and commentary on Facebook.

Shortly after I left for Oklahoma City to do Having Our Say: The Delany Sisters’ First 100 Years, the news began to filter through. There were certain habits already in place like washing fruits and cans that I brought home from the grocery store and carrying disinfectant wipes to use on airplanes when I travel, but I was ready to stockpile certain supplies that I anticipated would be in shortage like bleach and toilet paper and certain food items.

My hope is that “this too shall pass” quicker than we anticipate as long as it is done responsibly. That we remember and honor for a long time those who put their lives on the line like the medical personnel, grocery-store workers, truck drivers and teachers who still show up every day to make our lives comfortable and possible.


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