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Kelin Perry is an artist and architect. She uses mostly found objects in her art, seeking to find the inherent spirit in these materials and give them voice. Her work has been seen at Atlanta’s Hathaway Contemporary and Bill Lowe galleries and she’s been part of several shows at M. David & Co. in Brooklyn, which represents her.


words logoThe past year has unfolded for me in a series of events and fundamental changes in my personal life. And, of course, there was also COVID and everything else we shared as a world. Before 2020, I had my personal understanding of how shockingly life can be irrevocably altered by random events. Then there was this pandemic with an unprecedented loss of life, the economic recession, the brutal killing of George Floyd and all that ensued, the unconscionable acts of a soulless president, the election of Joe Biden and more. 

No matter what our personal opinions of the events of 2020 might be, we now share a collective consciousness in an elemental, deep in the bones kind of way, that truly anything can happen. No doubt many of us have a new and profound sense of the preciousness of life and the limits of time. I would like to think we will all be moved to create a better, more thoughtful world with regard to the environment and how we treat each other. Time will tell.

In my art, I have been concerned for many years with giving voice and meaning to the unseen and discarded. As I move forward now, I am led to think also about what belongs to all of us, collectively. I want to look at what is the most fundamental, what is irrefutable and cannot be changed by a virus or anything else. These ideas, along with my interest in architecture, have led me toward a fascination with geometry and structure. 

There is such poetry in what is the most pure and true. At the moment, I am looking at catenary curves, the perfect curve in many ways because of its structural integrity and simplicity. This is indisputable. How can something be the purest version of itself? I am looking at the idea of not being able to add or subtract from something without diminishing its integrity. I don’t know where this will take me, but I am excited by these ideas, and it feels like the place for me to be right here, right now.

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