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“Atlanta Art Now” names artists and themes featured in inaugural volume

“Atlanta Art Now,” planned as a biennial publication devoted to critical discussion of the city’s visual artists, has released the names of those to be featured in its inaugural volume. “NOPLACENESS” is written by a trio of Atlanta-based critics: Jerry Cullum, ArtsCriticATL’s chief art critic Catherine Fox and Cinqué Hicks. Valerie Cassel Oliver, senior curator of the Contemporary Arts Museum in Houston, will write the book’s foreword.

Subtitled “Art in a Post-Urban Landscape,” the publication explores work by Atlanta visual artists who are responding to new paradigms of space, place and identity in the global era. The announcement describes the thematic chapters as well as the artists who figure in each essay.

We Are Not Danes in Denmark: Displacement and the Liquid Self in Atlanta Art” explores artists’ responses to the sense of dislocation now common in the globalized world. Those discussed in this section are Jody Fausett, Ting Ying Han, Sarah Hobbs, E.K. Huckaby, Marcus Kenney, Benjamin Jones, Ruth Laxson, Fahamu Pecou, Kathryn Refi, Shana Robbins, Julie Sims, Whitney Stansell and Angela West.

“Out in Public: Recent Moves in Art in Public Space” reveals how several artists take advantage of shifting awareness of public space in order to add depth to the urban experience. The work of Gyun Hur, John Q, the Paper Twins and Micah & Whitney Stansell is interpreted in this chapter.

“Battle Grounds: Spatial Contest and the Fictions of Place” uncovers how artists reveal physical space as the battleground of competing political and economic claims. Artists included in this chapter are Beth Lilly, Arturo Lindsay, K. Tauches, the Dirty Truth Campaign and Joan Tysinger.

“The In-Between: Identity and Global Anxiety” considers the rapid demographic shifts around the globe that change or render meaningless the idea of cultural origins. Considered in this chapter are Alvaro Alvillar, William Boling, Hormuz Minina, Hye Yeon Nam, Yanique Norman, Sheila Pree Bright and Danielle Roney.

“Apocalypse!” contemplates the end of place altogether in 21st-century apocalyptic fantasies. The work of Scott Belville, Sarah Emerson, Stephanie Kolpy, Ann-Marie Manker, Leisa Rich, Rocio Rodriquez and Pandra Williams is examined in this chapter.

“Atlanta Art Now” is a book project of Possible Futures Inc. (Disclosure: Possible Futures awarded a grant to ArtsCriticATL in 2010.)