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The Goat Farm Arts Center and Hambidge Arts Center have announced 9to5, Pablo Gnecco, Christopher Derek Bruno and Travis Broyles’ “open source space for new media ideas” as the 2016 FIELD EXPERIMENT winner. The group plans to use the $20,000 grant, two-week Hambidge residency, administration and production support to develop a live-streaming and open-source collaborative space in Atlanta.

“A big part of our initial concept was to build a neutral space to provide as diverse a sense of interaction possible,” says Christopher Derek Bruno. “We’re trying to start a conversation. The kind of media we put into space has a big impact on the representation that comes out of it.”


Image courtesy 9to5 and FIELD EXPERIMENT.

“The panel is excited about the endless possibilities that the 9to5 platform offers for sharing and developing ideas in Atlanta and beyond,” says Hambidge’s executive director Jamie Badoud “We are anxious to see how our creative communities and businesses come together to engage this unique futuristic 9to5 world stage.” Fellow FIELD EXPERIMENT committee member Teresa Bramlette Reeves describes the project as “democratic” and voices her enthusiasm for presenting Atlanta’s art and ideas to a larger public.

All three members of 9to5 seem eager to get to work within the space itself. “I’m looking forward to researching the spaces we’re trying to combine so we can fully build our concept. There are still some details to figure out,” says Gnecco. “I’m incredibly proud of our team, and to everybody who brought programming to our space or participated online. I can’t wait to see what we can do,” adds Broyles.

Image courtesy FIELD EXPERIMENT and 9to5

Image courtesy FIELD EXPERIMENT and 9to5

Committee member and Goat Farm Arts Center founder, Anthony Harper, says that he’s excited for the group to find the optimal balance between in-person participation and remote participation through technology. “Providing 9to5 with seed funding sets them up to explore their model more deeply and mature the process,” says Harper. “It’s exciting to think what humans will accomplish once we figure out how to share knowledge more efficiently.” The project will debut this fall.

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