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Editor’s note: Atlanta’s artists face uncertainty in the age of coronavirus. To help us all connect, we’re offering this series. In each “In Our Own Words,” an artist will share their experience, strength and hope as we all navigate a new normal.

I guess I’m with everyone else. Scared and sad and just so [angry] all of the time. I make most of my money writing and narrating audiobooks. The books have slowed to a crawl, and many of the projects that I have written for are in the air — nobody’s shooting right now because a set is effectively a small village. I am constantly worried for my family. My sister is a nurse in Charleston. She had to cancel her wedding, and her kids are quarantined with their grandmother so she hasn’t been able to even hug them in well over a month.

I’m reading a lot. I have also picked up my guitar for the first time in nearly a decade. My Write Club team has been meeting virtually to keep things going online. Been running the WC Community Bulletin Facebook group to keep in touch with our writers and audience. It’s honestly the best part of my day. Keeping each other afloat, listening to each other’s worries and anger, celebrating the small victories together. It’s the most important thing we can all do right now for our communities and ourselves.

I want to be able to have a cigar at my dad’s, to drive to my mother’s in Charleston and hang out with my brother and sister and their spouses and kids. I want to host a Write Club, and I want to see the audience drunk and happy and shouting. I want to throw a massive daylong feast, a Thanksgiving-brunch, picnic-lunch. tea-party BBQ crab-boil boozefest where everyone sings and dances and drinks. I want to be able to sit at a bar alone with a book and sink into the white noise around me. I miss everything I ever took for granted and just want to hug the people I love.


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