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The Georgia Council for the Arts has become a publisher. It hopes to boost recognition of the state’s artists and museums through “Georgia Masterpieces: Selected Works From Georgia’s Museums.”

Herbert Creecy, Untitled, date unknown, acrylic on canvas

GCA Executive Director Susan Wiener used a $20,000 National Endowment for the Arts grant called “American Masterpieces,” which promotes efforts to bring art to audiences, to fund the generously illustrated coffee-table volume. It is an omnibus of media, genre and time. The 27 featured artists include 18th-century bird painter John Abbott, folk potter Lanier Meaders, photographer John McWilliams and contemporary mixed-media artist Amalia Amaki.

The participating museums made nominations, which were winnowed by a panel composed of artist Judy Barber, executive director of the Madison Morgan Cultural Center; art consultant Marianne Lambert; and Joe Thomas, chairman of the art department at Kennesaw State University. Curators from the museums wrote the entries.

It will be interesting to see what its impact will be. Here’s one: the book’s publication inspired Margaret Shufeldt, curator of works on paper at the Michael C. Carlos Museum, which is one of the participants, to mount an exhibition of Georgia artists in the permanent collections. It will open January 27.

Howard Finster, In Visions of Another World - September 15, 1990, mixed media on wood

The book, which costs $34.95, is available through the GCA’s website.

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