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Atlanta theater artist Mark Kendall, most closely associated with Dad’s Garage Theatre Company, has released two comedic video sketches on YouTube that address systemic racism in America.

The sketches — If MARTA Came to Cobb County and Green Eggs and the N-word — are based on content he wrote for his one–man Dad’s Garage show The Magic Negro and Other Blackness (2014). The pointed videos, which run about four minutes each, address issues such as Confederate monuments, Aunt Jemima, voter suppression and Black Lives Matter. They may not be appropriate for all ages. Green Eggs and the N-word, especially, contains sensitive content. The videos were directed, shot and edited by Atlanta filmmaker Bill Worley.

The Magic Negro premiered at Dad’s Garage and had a three-week run at the Alliance Theatre, where Kendall won a Reiser Atlanta Artists Award grant, 2017. He toured an abridged version of the show across the country for three years. According to Facebook, he also likes to bake cupcakes.

Kendall — a writer, actor and comedian — studied film at Northwestern University and, during his time there, worked at Comedy Central through the Chris Rock Summer School Program for up-and-coming comedy writers of color. That gave him a chance to pitch jokes to writers at The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. Creative Loafing named him the best professional funnyman in Atlanta in 2015 and best comedian in 2019.

“I try to make a point of not making jokes that make people feel bad,” Kendall, now 33, said in a 2017 interview with ArtsATL. “If you make a genuine connection with someone you feel less like you have to perform for them, which is an ideal way to live.”


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