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We have winners. Five of them, to be exact, in our trivia contest with the Decatur Book Festival to give away five autographed copies of Erin Morgenstern’s best-selling fantasy novel “The Night Circus.”

Readers had to answer five questions about the festival, which runs August 31 through September 2. The quiz would have been very difficult in a bar trivia setting, but in the age of Google, just about all of our respondents got all five answers right. Here are the first five people who emailed us the correct answers:

Debbie Broder of Washington, D.C.

Jack Regan of Decatur

Kim Comstock of Atlanta

Twan Farmer of Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Olivia Orza of Atlanta

Here are the questions and correct answers:

1. Natasha Trethewey, this year’s keynote speaker at the Decatur Book Festival, is the second U.S. poet laureate to give the festival’s keynote address (if you include former poets laureate). Who was the first?

Answer: Billy Collins

2. In her acknowledgments for “The Night Circus,” Erin Morgenstern credits two influences on her unique fictional circus. What are they?

Answer: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and Punchdrunk Theater

3. Novelist Michael Connelly, who is appearing at the festival again this year, loves jazz so much that he once assembled a CD of jazz that his fictional detective, Harry Bosch, listens to and gave the CD away on a book tour. What was the title of the CD?

Answer: “Dark Sacred Night”

4. What was Mary Kay Andrews’ first novel? (It was under a different author name.)

Answer: “Every Crooked Nanny”

5. A famous Decatur musician and her father, an Emory University professor, once appeared together at the Decatur Book Festival. Who are they?

Answer: Emily Saliers of the Indigo Girls and Don Saliers, a theology professor

Thanks to Erin Morgenstern and Random House for being so supportive.

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