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Formerly, we have a new design and new features as well as a new name. We think you’ll find this new site easier to navigate, faster and more fun to read.

The new name represents an expanded mission. We’ll still be the go-to place for arts criticism in metro Atlanta, but we will also become a hub for arts news and commentary. In the coming weeks we’ll be expanding our music coverage beyond classical and jazz, and we’ll add coverage of the thriving local film scene. (Film is now a separate category.) 

You asked for a calendar, and now we have one. Its curator, Ed Hall, will not only highlight important events to help you plan your week but also call attention to notable local sights, places and other oddments he thinks might catch your fancy. 

In addition, we’re adding a series of video documentaries by Felipe Barral of the G Channel, which will take you behind the scenes and sometimes out of the country to show aspects of the arts best told in moving images. 

ArtsATL is also pleased to announce that we completed our first-ever fund-raising campaign, in which we succeeded in matching a $20,000 grant from the Possible Futures foundation, and then some.

“We’re deeply grateful for the support of the nearly 100 donors who contributed anywhere from $25 to $2,500,” says Louis Corrigan, who is president of Possible Futures and of ArtsATL’s board of directors. “Our business model depends not just on earned income from our advertisers but on significant contributions from our board and the broad public that we serve. This wonderful outpouring of support from our readers gives me confidence that ArtsATL has a bright future providing outstanding professional arts coverage for our city.”

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