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The Hidden Light of Northern Fires

The Legacy Series: Daren Wang

Storytelling is one of the great joys of Daren Wang’s life. Like a human divining rod, he is constantly seeking and absorbing wisdom. Whether the raconteur is holding court from a barstool or being broadcast from a pair of audio speakers, it makes no difference to Wang (pronounced Wong). If the story’s compelling, he’s all in. He’s also a self-described vinyl-junkie, who says, “Dave Brubeck playing, a book and proper lighting... that's a luxury of everything.”...

Daren Wang to step down as AJC Decatur Book Festival executive director; book review: “The Hidden Light of Northern Fires”

It was announced over the weekend that Daren Wang, the Co-Founder of the AJC Decatur Book Festival, will step down as Executive Director at the end of 2017 to focus on other projects. His debut novel, The Hidden Light of Norther Fires, reviewed below by Candice Dyer, will launch during the 12th annual festival, September 1-3.  ...