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Meredith Kooi

Review: The allure of summer re:FRESH

There is a cultural rhythm to summer that transcends school, the heat slowing down our productivity, bright nights a little more lively than usual and a restless need to get away. Swan Coach House Gallery presented a summer pop-up and seamless combination of two curatorial projects, I SEE WHAT'S HAPPENING...  curated by Jordan Stubbs and Summer Swan Song curated by Karen Tauches.With a teen vibe and tumblr aesthetic, re:FRESH mixes equal parts shenanigans, effortlessness, and boredom -- appropriate for a show about tuning out....

Review: P. Seth Thompson’s “Insufficient Data for an Image” proves insufficient, full of bugs

It is nothing new that the photograph is a “commodified symbol of desire that can be easily altered to control belief, experience, and communication.” And yes, it is hard to argue with the claims P. Seth Thompson makes in his artist statement concerning the power of the image in shaping ideology and our current “era where objective reasoning is overshadowed by ‘alternative facts.’”...