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Karen Tauches

Review: The allure of summer re:FRESH

There is a cultural rhythm to summer that transcends school, the heat slowing down our productivity, bright nights a little more lively than usual and a restless need to get away. Swan Coach House Gallery presented a summer pop-up and seamless combination of two curatorial projects, I SEE WHAT'S HAPPENING...  curated by Jordan Stubbs and Summer Swan Song curated by Karen Tauches.With a teen vibe and tumblr aesthetic, re:FRESH mixes equal parts shenanigans, effortlessness, and boredom -- appropriate for a show about tuning out....

Review: Poem 88’s “Correspondences” series brings us back to balance

I love the conceit of Poem 88’s summer series Correspondences, a series of short exhibitions inspired by the Swedish scientist, theologian, and philosopher Emanuel Swedenborg (1668-1772). But you don’t have to understand the mystic thinker’s ideas in order to get it. Correspondences references the notion that instances of good mitigate bad in order to restore balance....