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Gail O’Neill

Kathy & Ken Bernhardt, the 2017 Luminary Awards Amaranth Award Winners

Ken and Kathy Bernhardt have been named the inaugural recipients of ArtsATL’s Amaranth Award for Philanthropic Legacy. One of four multidisciplinary prizes -- including the Beacon Award for Community Engagement, the Catalyst Award for Social Discourse and the Kindle Award for Innovative Practice -- the Amaranth Award was awarded to the couple during the ArtsATL Luminary Awards ceremony on January 22, at Terminal West....

Legacy Series: As painter and MOCA GA founder, Annette Cone-Skelton makes her mark on Atlanta’s art scene

Where would we be without the metaphorical campfires to which we instinctively gravitate, whether in celebration or when our sense of well-being is threatened? What would we do without art, the stylized expression of experience, and the people born with a gift for making something out of nothing? Who would we be without the creatives among us who are curious, inventive, avant-garde, imaginative, bold, industrious, driven, bright and utterly inscrutable— even to themselves sometimes?...