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Flux Projects

A conversation with Amber Boardman about beauty regimens and her love of Atlanta

A day or two after my phone interview with Amber Boardman last week, I found myself hurriedly walking out the door of my apartment, doomed to be 10-minutes late for my next meeting, barefaced and wrinkled. In the rearview on my way into the city, I noticed an absurd smeared pattern on my eyelid -- nothing like some poorly applied mascara to bring you back to earth....

“All art is political”: a conversation with Hank Willis Thomas

Since establishing themselves at the first artist-run Super PAC in January, For Freedoms has been working tirelessly to engage the public in critical discourse of our political system. For those unfamiliar, a Super PAC is an independent political action committee which can raise unlimited funds from corporations, unions and individuals. Though the money raised cannot be coordinated with any specific parties or candidates, the influence of these organizations is critical within elections and very well documented....