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Review: Despite an abundance of objects, Lillian Blades’ work is far from chaotic

I recently visited September Gray’s Old Fourth Ward location — a relatively new addition to Atlanta’s gallery scene — on a sunny afternoon to see Lillian Blades’ Fractal Reflections (on view through October 21). I had the good fortune of running into the artist herself, who was manning the gallery and playing upbeat music as she worked on a new piece. Blades, a native of Nassau, Bahamas, and a longtime resident of Atlanta, offered to turn the music off, but I declined. It was pleasant and energetic, much like her collection of wall hangings....

ArtsATL Teen Correspondents: 5 Playgrounds in Atlanta that also act as art

It’s the 21st century, and playgrounds aren’t just for children anymore. With innovative architecture and developments in kid-safe materials, the neighborhood playground has become more than a slide and a set of swings. Modern playgrounds are sustainable, interactive and generally pleasant to look at, and it’s for these reasons that they are art....