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The Architecture Tourist’s 2016: a year in pictures

You've undoubtedly seen Terry Kearns, a.k.a. Architecture Tourist, at an arts event this past year. Seemingly omnipresent at Atlanta's arts functions, he's the jovial man with a twinkle in his eye, always boasting a crewneck sweater and cheerfully taking photos at events, architecture spots and corners of Atlanta that often go unnoticed....

Rediscovering Atlanta’s Architecture: The Buckhead Branch Library

Atlanta is a city that is often accused of forgetting its past. Indeed, as progress plows ahead and the heart of the city bustles with new development, older buildings are often cast aside as worthless, either replaced by or surrounded by monotonous, anonymous gleaming glass towers. Recently, the tide has begun to shift, with notable preservation successes thanks to public support, including the Bell Building, the Forsyth-Walton Building, and the Trio Laundry, as well as the potential creation of the Means Street Landmark District and the naming of the former Trust Company Bank Monroe branch as a landmark....