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If the Spelman College Museum of Fine Art isn’t on your radar, you’re missing some of the most substantive and engaging exhibitions in Atlanta. And Director Andrea Barnwell Brownlee appears to have done it again. “Undercover: Performing and Transforming Black Female Identities,” which explores the use and implications of disguise, will open September 10.

Curators Brownlee and Atlanta art consultant Karen Comer Lowe dig deep into the subject, examining a range of strategies from self-portraiture and role-playing to cross-dressing and blackface.

The roster itself is exciting: Doris Ulmann, and James VanDerZee. Cindy Sherman and Berni Serle. Hot young artists like Kalup Linzy, a cross-dressing satirist whom you might remember from videos at defunct Romo Gallery. Atlantan Sheila Pree Bright. Plus artists who have never been shown in Atlanta. Can’t wait.

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