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Be proud, Atlanta. We have a new school for sustainability on Pine Street. It’s the Eco Office, the recently dedicated home base for Southface. You are invited for a tour.

The non-profit organization has long promoted sustainability through education, research, advocacy and technical assistance. Its original office, adjacent and connected to the new building, includes model residential rooms. Now it can teach about eco-sound commercial architecture by example.

Make that examples. Its Eco Office is a functioning demonstration project, a veritable encyclopedia of systems, gadgets, day-lighting techniques and materials that help conserve water and energy.

Project design principal Joe Greco of Lord Aeck & Sargent says the Eco Office is at least 70% more efficient than a typical office building and uses 85% less water. He notes that the costs of these systems is decreasing and offers this tip: “You can solve 60% of your energy issues by siting the building right.”



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