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The critics have been all over the new Broadway-bound show by Twyla Tharp, “Come Fly With Me.” The opinions are remarkably consistent. Here are some of the reviews of the world-premiere production, running though October 11 at the Alliance Theatre in Atlanta.‘s dance critic CYNTHIA BOND PERRY brought a professional dancer’s perspective to her review: “With Tharp’s acute musicality and her surprising ways of linking one movement to the next, every fraction of a beat — each step, shift in the body, touch, gesture, glance and toss of a girl through the air — furthers one of four complementary story lines that are woven together into a complete and satisfying whole.”

Writing for, PIERRE RUHE called the show “terrific — two hours of jubilant, emotional, wise and often innovative dance with a cast of her all-star veterans — but in desperate need of a story to tell. It’ll likely be a hit with audiences, even as it falls short of its dramatic potential.”

In the AJC, drama critic WENDELL BROCK enthused, “But you can’t question the inventiveness and vitality of Tharp’s choreography — a quirky-sophisticated amalgamation of soaring ballet and earthy modern form — or the powerhouse technique of her superb performers. I have never seen a more charismatic, more expressive group of dancers in my life.”

Even some obscure or out-of-town websites assigned a critic to cover the show. The sent CHARLES ISHERWOOD: “Wisely, she rarely tries to use the songs as literal templates for dancing, matching gesture to lyric. The texture of the sound — the mood — in each song dictates the style and flavor of the dancing, which is a heightened, more acrobatic form of ballroom strongly infused with the vocabulary of classical ballet.”

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