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Ashley Dopson BLM mural June 12

Protest through street art: Ashley Dopson drops her palette of colors on metro school

The latest piece from muralist Ashley Dopson (@ashleydpaints on Instagram) is a multicolored Black Lives Matter piece at a southwest Atlanta school. It was inspired by the large yellow block letters that spell out BLACK LIVES MATTER on a street in Washington, D.C., near the White House.

ARTIST: Dopson, who moved to Atlanta from her native New Orleans in 1989, has done murals at the Barack and Michelle Obama Academy, Deerwood Academy, Hutchinson Elementary, Frederick Douglass High School and more. Her largest piece to date is Flight of the Fireflies (2019), which runs alongside the Atlanta Music Project building in southwest Atlanta.

STYLE: Color! Much of her work is inspired by what she saw during years of Mardi Gras in her hometown. “Thank you Crystal Nasir, Muhammad Yungai and Mr. Mack,” she said, “for letting me make these letters funky and use my talent.”

LOCATION: KIPP STRIVE Academy on Lucile Avenue S.W. To see more of Ashley Dopson’s work, go HERE or visit her on Instagram. Her Black Lives Matter piece went up about June 12. “@ashleydpaints is ready to do another,” she says. “Contact me at . . . hbcu made me . . . loving the shift I see happening.”

ET CETERA: For more of Atlanta’s creative street art, visit Atlanta Street Art Map. If you see a George Floyd- or Black Lives Matter-themed work you think we should know about, please email [email protected].


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