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Dad’s Garage Theatre Company, one of Atlanta’s premier venues for scripted and improvised comedy, is offering free tickets to furloughed federal employees. Any government employee currently not working, or working without pay, can contact us for a pair of tickets to an improv comedy show. The company’s director, Matt Terrell, wrote in a press release that they are offering the tickets as part of their mission to use laughter to uplift the community.

“We believe laughter and comedy can bring us together in a way that creates stronger communities and builds empathy for others,” Terrell wrote. “We understand the uncertainty facing furloughed federal workers, and we want to extend to them the opportunity to have an awesome time laughing at a great improv show.”

Tickets are subject to availability, and up to two free tickets per person, per available show, will be offered. Dad’s Garage will extend this offer up to one month after the shutdown ends. Federal employees can claim their free tickets by sending an email with an image of their federal employee badge, or business card, to

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